Established philosophy, new lens.

In 2007 Montessorians around the world celebrated the centennial of Montessori primary schools.  Since the first school established by Maria Montessori opened in a tenement in Rome in 1907, Dr. Montessori's revolutionary method has educated countless children and withstood the test of time.   Ingrained in the Montessori Method is a philosophy of childhood and the goals of education, as well as a comprehensive curriculum and didactic materials developed through extensive scientific observation.

The purpose of this site is to initiate dialog between cognitive education neuroscience enthusiasts and Montessori early childhood proponents.  Many sites and sources explain Montessori education quite thoroughly; this site will not be as exhaustive.  It will, however, provide an introduction to Montessori from the perspective of Mind, Brain, and Education.  Here we will put Montessori forward as a "case study" for MBE, an example to explore and analyze, to question, compare, explain, and critique. 

When examining an entire educational method and philosophy, there are many aspects to consider.  Students may explore and engage with whichever facets interest them most, be it Montessori's treatment of mathematics, the role of the teacher in the school, language development, the child's experience and role, the controversial "freedom" of Montessori, or any of a number of other ways in which Mind, Brain, and Education can investigate Montessori.  Please visit the Questions tab, and contribute to the dialog.