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Will Wright brings up some interesting points regarding his experience of a Montessori education.
Discussion of other "alternative" forms of early childhood education.




 - discussion of math in Montessori
- discussion of language activities and development in a Montessori context.
- discussion of sensorial activities -
 - discussion of activities of practical life -
How do Montessori's understandings of child development, including "sensitive periods" and learning through motion compare with current understandings from psychology and neuroscience?

What aspect of a Montessori education do you see as most beneficial to a child's development?  Least beneficial, questionable, or harmful?

How does Montessori address the emotional needs and learning of children?

Do you see Montessori education as a better "fit" for some children than others?  What characteristics of child and school contribute to this view?
How does the Montessori early childhood environment compare to other early childhood classrooms you have experienced? 

What do you see as strengths to the Montessori environment?  Drawbacks?  Limitations? 

In what ways does a Montessori environment incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning?

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