When we take Montessori as a case study of an early childhood educational method, there are many inroads through which to debate its fit with the field of Mind, Brain, and Education.  In the blog, on the tab marked Discuss! several discussion threads have been started, as a place and opportunity to begin this discourse.  Below are additional sources to prompt consideration of still more Montessori questions. 
1.  Below is a VoiceThread tour of children at work in a Montessori classroom.  Here you can view the materials in use, and pose questions or leave comments through speach, text, drawing, or video. 
2.  TED  - Ideas worth spreading.  This nonprofit organization invites "thinkers and doers" from around the world to come share their fascinating tales.  Many speak of their inspiration, their beginnings... some mention their Montessori schooling.  Among them are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, both Montessori children.  Another is Will Wright, creator of  world-creating video games such as Spore.  In his video, below, he draws similarities between his Montessori education and the games he creates. 
3.  Montessori is often compared to other "alternative" forms of schooling, such as Waldorf and Reggio Emilia.  Below are brief overview videos on each of these methods.  Similarities and differences, pros and cons, to be explored in the discussion forum.