Mind, Brain, and Education

Mind, Brain, and Education is an interdisciplinary field integrating the study of psychology, neuroscience, and educational practice.  The movement began at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with the foundation of a Master's program in Mind, Brain, and Education, has grown to include an International Society for Mind, Brain, and Education as well as the Mind, Brain, and Education Journal, and new programs in MBE have begun at universities across the country as well as internationally.

MBE brings together researchers and practitioners from a broad range of backgrounds to discuss how learning takes place in the brain and body, in children, classrooms, and cultures.  MBE endeavors to understand how, for whom, and in what ways things are best learned, and what can be done to improve teaching and learning.

On HGSE's Usable Knowledge forum there are articles and videos featuring learning and the brain.  Below are several videos featuring scholars and scientists at the forefront of the MBE movement.